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Propane Safety and Your Home
Posted by terry oelschlaeger on Sat May 21, 2011 11:41 EST
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It's summertime and the backyard barbeque is about to become the favorite mode for food preparation in many households.  Many local residents use propane barbeques because they provide a constant heat source and are easy to start.  Propane is a clean-burning gas and does not give off toxic emissions that can harm soil or water.  Below are some quick tips for the summer gas grill chefs in your household.

Conduct a safety check before first use each year and after refilling/reattaching the gas container.

§         Check the tubes.  The tubes leading into the burner should not be blocked by dirt, insects, or grease.  A pipe cleaner or a wire can be used as tool to clear blockages.

§         Check grill hoses.  The hoses should not have any holes or leaks.  They should not be cracked, brittle or bent.

§         Gas hose location. They should not be close to any hot surfaces or dripping grease.

§         Gas leaks.  Check any time (2608 Montgomery) you reconnect the gas lines or if you smell gas.  The manufacturer's instructions will tell you have to check.

Throughout the year, keep these safety tips in mind.

§         Use grill only outdoors.  Garages, carports, porches, etc. are considered flammable material.  You may wind up cooking more than just the meat.  Don't grill indoors as there is the potential for carbon monoxide poisoning.

§         Keep grill clean. Dirty grills and careless spills can cause flare-ups (plus crispy meat and even crispy chef!)

§         Be ready for flame.  For grills that ignite off a separate source (match etc.), have the match burning with the lid open before you turn on the gas control.  This can prevent an explosion.

§         NEVER move the grill after it has been lit.  ALERT small children that the grill area is off-limits.

§         Change lava rocks periodically to avoid grease build-up.

§         Store propane tanks upright and outdoors.  Transport tanks upright and do not leave tanks all day in a hot car (another explosive opportunity!)

Terry's famous meat marinade! Now that you are on top of the safety issues for your gas grill, here's a great marinade to try:  equal parts soy sauce, red wine vinegar (garlic-flavored), vegetable oil and red wine.  (Be careful-this oily marinade can flare-up when the meat is first placed on the grill).

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Re: Propane Safety and Your Home
Posted by dean a thomas on Thu Aug 11, 2011 3:28 EST
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Thanks for the tips!

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